Planet Zoo North America Pack and Free Update 1.7

Planet Zoo have announced the next expansion pack, the North America pack! As with all of Planet Zoo‘s expansion packs, they seem structured and themed around a specific country and their culture and wildlife. As of now, we’ve had the Arctic pack, South American Pack, Australia pack, Aquatic pack, Africa pack and Southeast Asia pack.

The next one to be released is the North America pack, featuring wildlife you’d be more likely to find in USA and Canada!

Release Date

The planned release date for the Planet Zoo North America pack is set for October 4th 2021.

New Animals

As with all expansion packs in Planet Zoo, there will be a small handful of new animals added. The North America pack features wildlife common to USA and Canada.

  • American Beaver
  • Moose
  • California Sea Lion
  • Cougar
  • American Alligator
  • Black-tailed Prairie Dog
  • Arctic Fox
  • American Bullfrog
Planet Zoo beaver 1

Enrichment Items

  • Pronghorn Piñata
  • Skittle Feeder
  • Melon Feeder
  • Underwater Feeder
  • Beaver Pool
Sea Lions PZ


The Planet Zoo North America Pack will be £7.99 / $9.99 / 9.99€

Planet Zoo Free Update 1.7

Alongside the North America Pack release will come a free update for all players. The Planet Zoo team have been focusing on creating the community’s top requests. The new additions and fixes are as follows:

  • Mapping Tools: Custom Heightmaps will allow players to really get creative with map terrain via uploading image files. 
  • Terrain Type: Players will be able to select “Flat”, which is the standard map area that’s been used, or “Sculpted”, a range of new options, with one new sculpted option per biome type.
  • Scenario Zoo maps in Sandbox Mode: 9 timed scenarios and 14 regular scenarios, which means 23 new terrain maps and 30+ new terrain variants.
  • Swimming Animals: Jaguar, Bengal Tiger and Siberian Tigers will now be swimming!
  • Animal Talk Seating Areas: Animal Talks are bigger and better, with the addition of new Seating Areas, increasing the capacity per Educator and helping better control the flow of guests around these areas.
  • Path Barriers: To help direct flow and limit access, path barriers have been added. These will render areas of path inaccessible to guests and staff alike, allowing you to direct the traffic in the zoo more accurately.
  • Scenery Placement Randomisation: A new Randomisation Placement Toggle will change the rotation of the item that is being used in between each placement. 
  • Zoopedia Changes: The Animal Management screen has a new Zoopedia link button, connected to the listed animals. Firstly, Animal Management and Animal Market buttons have been added to the Zoopedia, taking the player to the filtered animals. Secondly, Habitat space requirements have now been added to the Zoopedia UI. Finally, Biome filters have been added to the Zoopedia filter options.
  • Quick Trade: there’s been an added the option to quick trade from the Animal Management screen

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