Play Halo Infinite on Xbox with a mouse and keyboard

Last Updated: November 15, 2021

All your friends on console? Or are they on PC? Whether you want to dominate or stop being dominated, it’s time to consider the trusty mouse and keyboard – especially as Halo Infinite is cross-platform.

That’s right, you can simply just plug in a mouse and keyboard directly into your Xbox One or Series X and S to have the game prompt you whether you’d like to play with WASD or controller. Of course, what’s the best layout for a controller? We already covered it.

As the consoles get nearer and nearer to parity with PC at a hardware level and cross-platform play became the new normal, at some point the studios behind these games just decided that these PC ports should probably still include the keyboard and mouse options.

These were introduced to Halo for the first time when The Master Chief Collection was released on PC, but one of the other reasons that this has been included is that Microsoft has an accessibility modus operandi, an M.O, to ensure that games can be played by everyone in any capacity they wish to. Having a mouse and keyboard option allows for the unique Adaptive Controller to be modified to however the player might need without the hassle of fighting against the system.

Best mouse and keyboard for Xbox

If you’re going to go in like this, you’re going to need the best gear and lucky for you, it’s that wonderful time of year where WePC gathers everything to do with Black Friday deals. Even if you’re reading this in the future, these recommendations on the pages are absolutely your one-stop shop for the best of the best in clicky keys and high DPIs.

Is Halo Infinite working?

People are reporting problems getting into the game you can read more about it in our story.

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