PoE Scourge challenge rewards overhauled by GGG

It has been a week since the Patch of Exile Scourge update launched, whoever, it appears Grinding Gear Games has no choice to change things up already, The new Path of Exile Scourge mechanic was hyped to be one of the most interesting mechanics ever introduced in PoE. However, it seems like the Blood Crucible has taken a page from Marmite, and you either love it or hate it.

Due to the fairly even split about it being interesting or awful, Grinding Gear Games are updating the mechanic. On October 29, the developers published a blog post, providing players with evidence that the PoE Scourge challenge rewards are getting an overhaul already. Below you will find out PoE Scorge challenge guide for all the changes coming to the reworked feature.

PoE Scourge challenge rewards change guide

One of the many popular criticisms for the Scourge mechanic is that there is not enough content to properly clear the scourge maps. By the time you kill the enemies and optimally use your Blood Crucible to enter the Scourge realm, you tend to not clean a scourge map. As a result, it now costs 50% less corruption to transform, allowing for more accessibility in the Scourge zones.

Moreso, many players didn’t feel like there was enough reward for exposing themselves to corruption stacks, which you get for transforming. The developers feel this criticism is fair, and now players can get better chances at rarer items based on their higher corruption stack. Not to mention that the diminishing returns are no longer a thing, making it easier to get those stacks.

The other major aspect of the new PoE Scourge challenge reward changes is the increase in scourge modifiers. You’ll notice scourge modifiers are dramatically increased on pre scourged items, especially when in Scourge maps.

The following changes are now live, which you can read more about on the PoE patch notes.  

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