Pokémon Trading Card Game Online sunsetting announced

On September 20, The Pokémon Company announced the upcoming Trading Card Game app Pokémon TCG Live. Pokémon TCG Live is in many ways similar to the existing Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, and so players of TCG Online were left wondering what would happen to their existing accounts. Well, The Pokémon Company have since announced the sunsetting process for Pokémon TCG Online with a full FAQ online.

Pokémon TCG Online sunset – What will happen to my account?

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All existing accounts on Pokémon TCG Online will be migrated over to the new app. As most things done within the world of Pokémon utilize the Pokémon Trainer Club anyway, you’ll just keep your Trainer Club login as standard and use this to log in to the new Pokémon TCG Live app when it arrives. Pokémon TCG Online will be shut down sometime before the new app is launched, so you won’t get an entirely seamless transition, but once you log in to the new app, you’ll find most of your existing cards, decks, coins and more ready and waiting for you in your new account. There are some items, though, that are not transferable, such as avatar items and unopened bundles. Open any boosters and bundles while you still can. To find out everything that will and won’t be transferred over, check out the official Pokémon FAQ.

Pokémon TCG Online sunset – When will it take place?

There is as yet no date when Pokémon TCG Online servers will be shut down, but it will be closer to the launch of Pokémon TCG Live. TCG Online will be accessible throughout the testing period of Pokémon TCG Live, but will be sunsetted before the official launch of the new app in order to give enough time for accounts to be migrated over to the new Pokémon TCG Live servers.

Pokémon TCG Live – When is it released?

Again, as this news is still in early days, there is no official release date for Pokémon TCG Live. However, what we do know is that there will be both a soft launch on mobiles in Canada, and a global open Beta for PCs and Mac later in 2021, perhaps suggesting an early 2022 launch.

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