Polaroid Now Plus instant camera does filters the old fashioned way

Polaroid has announced a new version of its Polaroid Now camera, with the Plus variant, adding new filters into the box and giving photographers a little more control.

The classic analogue camera still retains the same point and shoot capabilities as pretty much every one of its branded predecessors. However, the Now Plus adds the ability to unlock aperture priority and a new tripod mode within the companion app via Bluetooth connectivity.

Features like light painting, double exposure and manual mode are also available within the Polaroid app. Polaroid is calling this its most creative camera yet with more shooting options for those who want to experiment a little more with their instant photography.

The company is including clip on starburst, red vignette, orange, blue, and yellow in the box, giving users the ability to customise the look and feel of their photos without digital interference. Oh and the camera also comes with a tripod mount.

Polaroid Now Plus filters

While the new features are welcome, they are somewhat against the ethos of the classic Land cameras that were renowned for their one-button operation.

“The Polaroid Now Plus is a step up from the original point-and-shoot Polaroid Now camera released in 2020,” the company said in a press release. “The improved design boasts the core features such as autofocus, dynamic flash, and self-timer, but now comes with a tripod mount to steady your ideas.”

The Polaroid Now Plus can be purchased now for £139.99/$149.99 and is available in black, white and blue grey. The latter is a newcomer.

“It’s a special time to be at Polaroid as we’re bringing the brand and what it stands for into the future. Central to this effort is getting back to designing and making awesome products and keeping them at the core of the company. I’m super excited about the Now+ with the quality of photos you can capture and the new beautiful colours. Plus, for the first time we’re including physical filters in the box as they were loved by our community and add to the palette for experimenting – with or without the app,” said Oskar Smolokowski, Chairman of Polaroid.

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