Polaroid wants to make instant photography more creative with the Now+ camera

Polaroid has launched a new instant camera, Polaroid Now+. As the name suggests, it’s an upgraded version of the Polaroid Now announced last year. With the “plus” version, Polaroid adds more creative options, trying to make instant photography more versatile and creative.

So, what’s different compared to the polaroid Now? Well, certainly not the looks, as the Polaroid Now+ is nearly identical on the outside. They also look alike on the inside – but not that much. The younger brother is more creative and versatile and hoping to attract even more instant photography enthusiasts.

The Polaroid Now+ comes with five new lens filters: starburst, red vignette, orange, blue, and yellow. There are also two extra tools inside the Polaroid mobile app that you can use in your photography: aperture priority and tripod mode. You can also go full manual. Polaroid calls the Now+ its “most creative camera yet.”

The “tripod mode” is essentially bulb mode, so you can try long exposure photos or light painting with your instant camera. Thanks to the aperture priority mode, you can now control the shutter speed, which wasn’t possible with the previous model. On the camera itself, it goes from 1/200 to 1 sec, and you can extend that up to 30 seconds or Bulb via the app. There’s also a tripod mount, ‘cause what would long exposure photos be without a tripod, right?

Like its predecessor, the Now+ has a double exposure mode, a built-in flash, and a 9s self-timer. It works with the i-Type film, again, just like the Polaroid Now.

The Polaroid Now+ comes in black, white, and blue-gray, and all three models are up for orders at the price of $149.99.

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