Poll of the week: Are you interested in the Google Pixel 5a?

It seems that the Google Pixel 5a will be released in the US and Japan only, which means other countries worldwide would either have to settle for a grey import or live without one. In my opinion, this is a gross oversight as we desperately need smartphone alternatives from the likes of Google, Nokia, Apple, and other manufacturers when it comes to the mid-range market. Hence, I would like to find out just how interested you are in the Lite version of the Pixel 5? Let me know in this week’s NextPit poll!

If you’ve been a regular on NextPit this week, you’ve probably read my open letter to Google. In that article, I listed down reasons why I, and actually the whole world, need the Pixel 5a. This is because the mid-range smartphone market has many qualities and represents an important alternative to Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme, and other Chinese manufacturers in the mid-range segment.

Tech companies from the West shouldn’t give up on the mid-range smartphone market without a fight, even if that seems obvious with supply shortages and other logistical difficulties. Of course, I also just want a cheap mid-range smartphone with an awesome camera without having to pony up a huge amount of cash. But let us focus on the important stuff first.

Are you interested in the Pixel 5a?

When I speak of interest, I meant you, of course! In our weekly polls, I always like to keep things simple. I find it exciting to figure out trends and opinions from a diverse community like NextPit’s – otherwise I wouldn’t have studied sociology a few years ago. Hence, my first survey would be to try and check out whether my love for the Pixel 5a also has similar traction among the NextPit readership:

Of course, this survey is more likely to be of interest to you if you’re currently mulling over the possibilities of picking up a new smartphone for yourself. But for those who are not interested in buying the Pixel 5a, I want to ask a second question. Perhaps you might find the Pixel 5a to be an important symbol in flying the flag for the mid-range smartphone market, even if you are more interested in flagship devices.

Did you answer one or both of these questions with a “Yes”? If so, I have one more favor to ask from you: why not take one step further and sign my petition on Change.org? This is because I ended my open letter to Google with the idea of a petition and would like to point out this possibility here as well.

Support my petition on Change.org

Of course, you are encouraged to forward the petition to your tech-oriented friends and hopefully, we’ll be able to show what the international NextPit community is capable of when united. In the meantime, thank you for your participation and have a great weekend!

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