Poll of the week: How do you protect your phone?

After some discussion about how each editor uses and cares for their smartphone, we decided to ask the NextPit community about their personal preferences when it comes to device protection. Welcome to this week’s poll.

2021 has been an interesting year in many ways, and this includes the smartphone market. There were at least three rugged smartphones that have already been released, namely the Galaxy XCover 5, the Motorola Defy (2021), and the Nokia XR20. However, how much more importance do NextPit readers place when it comes to smartphone protection?

Since rugged smartphones happen to occupy a niche market with some fans of nostalgia being among the site’s editors, why not let us ask the masses: how do you protect your smartphone?

Jalouza.Handykette.UrbanXBody band.MODEL02
Protecting your smartphone in style / © Jalouza

For those who didn’t understand the “protective case with a lanyard” option, the accessory can be seen in the image above, where it has garnered a loyal audience in selected countries.

What about the display? A direct question that is straight to the point:

Have you ever continued to use a smartphone even after the screen has cracked?

Considering the cost of replacing a smartphone screen can be prohibitively high, it’s common for many people to continue using their device even after damaging the display. However, is this true among NextPit readers? That’s what we like to find out in the second question:

Smartphone insurance: Is it mandatory or unnecessary?

Finally, one last quick question. Have you purchased an insurance plan for your smartphone? I imagine that the practice has different degrees of popularity in various countries where NextPit is published, which is why I will put forward this final question:

Well, that’s it for the week. Feel free to explain your answers and provide your thoughts on the topic in the comments below. Thank you in advance to everyone who participated in this poll and I leave the invitation to check the analysis of the answers next Monday!

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