Poll of the week: How important are megapixels to you?

In this latest poll, we would like to ask about your interest in various smartphone features, seeing modern day devices are so capable. We’ll begin with the megapixel count in smartphone cameras, which tend to be breaking new records all the time. How important are megapixels in smartphone cameras to you, and how much do they determine the quality of the photos taken in reality?

A few days before this poll, we published my Oppo A54 5G review. This smartphone boasts of a 48-megapixel main camera which, like many other cameras in smartphones, will add four more pixels together to produce images at a 12 MP resolution. Using the so-called pixel binning technique is not a bad thing in itself, but Oppo has definitely turned the tables with the A54 5G.

That’s because in a different photo-taking mode, the Oppo A54 5G will increase the sensor data to a whopping 108 megapixels. Each of these results in a 25 MB file which will definitely fill up the smartphone’s paltry 64 GB of internal storage in no time at all, without offering any distinct advantage in image quality. This example shows the trend that “actual” cameras already went through a few years ago.

Megapixels: Important criteria or simply a marketing gimmick?

There is a strong suspicion that Oppo wants to catch up with Xiaomi using this 108-megapixel mode. The Chinese manufacturer introduced the Redmi Note 10 Pro a few months back, a mid-range smartphone that boasts of a 108-megapixel sensor. Cramming in as many pixels as possible on the specifications’ sheet could be attractive to smartphone manufacturers at the moment. But do smartphone owners even want that? Let’s find out!

Although I want to continue this new series of polls by picking one specific smartphone feature at a particular time and analyze it further, I’m interested in one more topic. Do you guys think that the number of megapixels on a smartphone camera makes a significant impact on the photo quality?

And with these two simple polls, I would like to end this week’s latest poll. Would you like to learn a little bit more about photography, and smartphone photography in particular? If so, do head straight to one of the following articles on Nextpit:

Have a great weekend, and thanks for participating! Of course, the comments’ section remains open for discussions and questions about smartphone photography throughout this week and beyond!

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