Poll of the Week: What’s the best phone of 2021 so far?

As the first half of the year comes to an end, it’s time for an interim conclusion: What’s the best smartphone of 2021 so far? NextPit simply passes the question on to you for our poll of the week.

Next week finally sees the long-awaited MWC in Barcelona, which was cancelled at the last minute in 2020 due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Unlike previous years, however, the show doesn’t promise as many exciting releases. The main introductions happened months ago – which is when MWC usually takes place. We then expect the next wave of releases between August and October.

So it’s still a while before new top-end models see the light of day. It’s possible that Samsung’s next Unpacked event, expected in August, will kick things off there and hopefully we’ll be able to look forward to new foldables from the South Koreans then.

What’s the best phone of the first half of the year?

This year we’ve seen a lot of top smartphones powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888. At the same time, the new mobile standard 5G has finally made its way into the cheaper price ranges. The first 5G smartphones are now available for under $200. And most recently, Realme still showed with the Realme GT that you can also combine both worlds amazingly well.

We have tested many of these smartphones and could hardly say ourselves which was the one best smartphone. Benjamin Lucks asked in his semi-annual roundup in the newsroom and there were quite a few different answers. Of course, since the NextPit Community is not a dictatorship, let’s vote on it quite democratically!


Ben buried this poll under about 2,000 words of text on Wednesday and maybe you didn’t feel like answering after his pamphlet. So for this week’s poll, we’re asking you once again to tell us your favorite cell phone. The answer will be given next week on Monday, of course.

Personally, I’m very curious to see which mobile phone will win the race. I’m sure we’ll be looking at these results at the end of the year, when new smartphones from Apple, Google and maybe even Huawei have arrived. But first I wish you a nice weekend and look forward to your answers!

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