Rainbow Six Siege Patch Notes: High Calibre now live

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Rainbow Six Siehe High Calibre patch notes are now live, offering players the chance to jump into the latest season. The new season was revealed just before the Six Major in Novemebr, with the reveal stream showing off some new goodies, Operators and reworks. Here are all the major details in the Rainbow Six Siege patch notes.

Rainbow Six Siege patch notes: High Calibre

The High Calibre season is the Year 6 Season 4 content update, making it the last major patch of the year. Players can expect to see a new operator, Thorn, along with other content reworks, balance changes, Battle Pass, and more.

New Rainbow Six Siege Operator: Thorn

Thorn is the new Rainbow Six Siege operator joining the ranks of the defenders. Thorn hails from Ireland and is all about using tools like the Razerbloom Shell. Moreso, you can expect to use the UZK50Gi or the M870 for primary weapons, along with a 1911 Tacops or CZ75.

If you’re interested in the new skill, it is a form of placeable detonation tool, which will trigger when enemies approach it. Anyone caught in the blast will take lethal damage and instakill those on top of the blast when it goes boom.

Outback Rework

Outback, the Aussie map from the land down under was rather under the thumb of Ubi’s map design team. It was one of the most hated maps and guaranteed map ban. Lots of the annoyance of the map was around its walkways and entry points, with several ways to spawn peak or deny Attackers entry into the building. It should feel much better to play the map on both sides, but will it fix the attitude towards the map?

As for the actual changes coming in the patch, there are many new bug fixes and small adjustments. If you’re interested, you can read up on the new season update here, along with a look at the patch notes over on Ubi’s website.

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