Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds Review

With any truly wireless pair of earbuds, you get a lot more features right out of the gate compared to wired counterparts. The Razer Hammerheads are packed with impressive features that add quite a lot of value to the product. This pair feature custom-tuned 13mm dynamic drivers that produce a quality listening experience, which we will touch upon a little later. The main feature to anything wireless that ties in with gaming is always going to be latency. Latency doesn’t really pose an issue when using these for generic listening but they are marketed towards gaming, so it is an area we need to access.

RazerHammerhead 5

When in “Gaming Mode” the earbuds latency reduces to 60ms, which is going to be more than OK for single-player gaming. When it comes to competitive gameplay, you are obviously unlikely to be using headphones like this but it is worth pointing out that 60ms latency may not be the best on the market, however, is feasible.

The Razer Hammerheads are obviously designed to be worn outside, whether it’s just commuting or the occasional outdoor activity. They feature a water-resistant IPX4 design, which basically means these will survive the odd splash of rain from every direction. While this definition is rather vague, i’m pretty sure these can handle light rain but if you find yourself in a torrential downpour, it is probably best to tuck them away.

Before we get into the headline features, it is worth bringing your attention to the touch-enabled functionality. With a light touch from your finger-tip, you can turn these on and off or, of course, pair them to your device. The Razer logo on the side doubles up as the touch-sensitive pad and it takes a fair bit of getting used to the various controls.

For example, to pause a track, you are going to need to hold your finger on the pad for about half a second. Other types of wireless earbuds often just use touch to work but this, in turn, can lead to accidental prompts, something which is eliminated by Razer’s system. 

Take a look at the below table to see the various controls from the touch system:

Action Gesture
Answer call, end call, Play/pause media Press and hold for ½ second
Power on, reject incoming call, activate virtual assistant Press and hold for 2 seconds
Activate pairing mode for that particular earbud Press and hold for 6 seconds
Accept incoming call or switch calls, Skip to the next track Double tap
Return to the previous track Triple tap
Enable/disable gaming mode, (While in pairing mode) clear paired devices Triple tap then hold the last tap for 2 seconds

Carry Case, Bluetooth 5, & Battery Life

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The design of the carry case, as mentioned earlier, is sleek and is very easy to slip into your pocket. While the battery life is a bit mediocre with these, the carry case is where the earbuds will build a charge. The headphones take around one hour to fully charge and feature a standby mode to preserve the precious battery life when not in use. Razer rates these to last around 16 hours and the carry case itself can be charged using the USB cable. The reality is that the earbuds will last around 3-4 hours and the carry case gives you an additional three charges.

RazerHammerhead 17

While battery life isn’t that impressive, it uses BlueTooth 5, which requires less power. A downside to this technology is the lack of support from consoles like the PS4 or Xbox One but these are obviously focused more towards PC and mobile gamers.

The carry case will automatically enter pairing mode (indicated by a green LED) when you open the lid but to pair with another device you are going to need to manually enter pairing mode using the touchpad we mentioned above.

RazerHammerhead 4

The best part of this carry case, and well most of them, is the magnetic feature that makes your life a lot easier. No idea why but anything that slots into place with magnets is extremely satisfying.

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