Razer seeks Zephyr face mask beta testers, here’s how to sign up

Razer has announced its Project Hazel face mask concept has been renamed Razer Zephyr, with the company now inviting applications for beta testers ahead of a full release.

The Zephyr is the latest version of the evolving wearable air purifier, first previewed at CES all the way back in January. Judging by the video, it appears as if the design has evolved somewhat in the last few months.

The last version we saw offered a medical-grade N95 promising to block 95% of airborne particles. However, there was also a translucent panel that enables people to see the wearer’s mouth move.

There’s also a built-in microphone, which can amplify speech and make it even easier for people to decipher words spoken from behind the mask. Razer said the Project Hazel mask also created an air-tight seal with a built-in vent for Co2 emissions.

Naturally, considering this is Razer we’re talking about, there’s Chroma RGB lighting with 16.8 million colours to choose from. Back at CES, Razer also announced a wireless fast charging box that can also disinfect the box with UV light.

The company is promising beta testers a “sneak peak like never before,” and has invited interested parties to sign up. There’s no news on when those accepted into the program will receive the device, or when it might actually be released for consumers.

You can sign-up for a chance to test the Razer Zephyr here.

Given the virus continues to find new ways to evolve and wreak havoc, the need for masks isn’t going anywhere, so there’s not much chance of the product being obsolete before it arrives.

Back in March, the company said: “We’ve realised that even with vaccinations we are hearing you still have to be masked up because there is still the risk factor that even if you’re vaccinated you still need to be incredibly careful. Secondly, there are also many countries that are unlikely that are going to get the whole [scale] of vaccinations in the next year or even two so travelling everyone should be very careful.

“So with that in mind, we are going to go ahead and solve the sustainable aspect of the mask which is one of the big things for us. Project Hazel is going to be a reality. We are going to make it happen and I think we will all will be, unfortunately, wearing masks for a long time to come.”

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