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Rider’s Republic’s beta is just a few weeks away, beginning on the 23rd August 2021 and, will continue for two days until the 25th August 2021. After the official launch was delayed from February to the 28th of October 2021, those waiting patiently might want to hop onto this beta in a few week’s time.

What will be included in the Rider’s Republic Beta?

The official game release will include an offline mode, this will not be included in the beta. Aside from that, the beta will feature a taste of three careers these are, Bike Races, Air Sports, and Snow Tricks. As well as this, the game will support races with up to 50 players, 6v6 trick battles, free for all challenge mode, and a versus mode.

When is the Riders Republic Beta release date?

Riders Republic beta will begin on the 23rd August at 7 am UTC and continue until the 25th August at 4 pm UTC.

What platforms will Rider’s Republic be released on?

Riders Republic will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

How do I access the Rider’s Republic Beta sign-up?

If you are interested in the Riders Republic beta, to sign up, simply go to Ubisoft’s website right here. You will need to log in with a Ubisoft account or create one if you don’t already have one. After this, you simply wait – Ubisoft will invite people to participate. Please note, signing up and showing interest in the beta does not guarantee you a position in the beta program.

Also, be aware the Riders Republic beta is under NDA, therefore anyone selected will not be allowed to talk, post or create content around the game.

Riders Republic Announcement Trailer

That’s it for now folks. Good luck to everyone who applies for the Riders Republic beta and sees you on the inside (hopefully) if you are selected. Remember, the beta will begin on August 23rd at 7 am UTC and end on August 25th at 4 pm UTC and the official release will be on 28th October 2021.


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