Roblox Codes for Military Tycoon — October 2021

Military Tycoon is currently one of the most popular games on Roblox. Influenced by well-known military shooters such as Warzone, Battlefield and Hell Let Loose, it’s easy to see why. Keep reading to find out how you can get some extra credits in Military Tycoon, which won’t give you a competitive advantage, but will give you a style boost!

Military Tycoon Roblox Codes — October 2021

There are currently two valid codes to use within Military Tycoon for a total of 40,000 credits.

  • CREDITS – 10,000 credits
  • HALLOWEEN – 30,000 credits
roblox military tycoon codes

What can I use Military Tycoon Credits for?

Credits can be redeemed in Military Tycoon for new weapon skins.

Click the Skins button on the right hand side of the lobby screen (purple pistol), and you’ll be given a choice of mystery loot boxes to purchase. For the month of October, there is also a special Halloween box, available for 40,000 Credits. Spookily enough, the above two codes combined will give you exactly this amount!

roblox codes military tycoon

Once you have selected a box, you will also have to select a weapon, as each skin will only be used on one specific weapon. Confirm your choice, and a new weapon skin will be randomly selected for you!

How To Redeem Military Tycoon Codes in Roblox

military tycoon codes roblox

It’s pretty easy to redeem codes within Military Tycoon, and follows pretty much the same method as other Roblox games, if you’ve used any codes within Roblox before.

  • Launch Military Tycoon
  • Click the Codes button in the lobby to the right hand side of the screen (orange check mark)
  • Enter code
  • Click Redeem

And just like that, you’ll get a boost to your in-game credit amount.

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