RØDE Thread Adaptor Introduced – Mounting Adapters for your Keychain

RØDE Thread Adaptor Introduced - Mounting Adapters for your Keychain

RØDE Microphones has just introduced an interesting new tool that puts all major 1/4″-20, 3/8″-16, and 5/8″-27 screw-in adapters right at your fingertips: the RØDE thread adaptor. Let’s take a closer look at this interesting “must-have” accessory for filmmakers and sound recordists!

Australian company RØDE Microphones is mostly known for making innovative products, including microphones, wireless audio solutions like the recent RØDE Wireless GO II, audio accessories, and podcasting tools with their RØDECaster Pro and the free app RØDE Connect.

I think I’m not the only filmmaker who struggles to find the right screw adapter onset (and ended up with a shittyrig, you got me). So to solve this common issue, RØDE introduced the thread adaptor, so you always have the right screw-in adapter with you.

RØDE thread adaptor features

The RØDE thread adaptor is an all-in-one universal adaptor kit that allows you to mount any standard camera accessory to a mic stand, boom pole, tripod, or studio arm. As a bonus, it even features a small flat driver, so you don’t need to search for a coin or proper screwdriver.

Image credit: RØDE Microphones

The thread adaptor is entirely made out of stainless steel/brass for extra longevity. The kit consists of:

  • One flat driver.
  • One carabiner to attach it to your camera bag or keychain.
  • A 3/8″-16 male to 1/4″-20 female adaptor.
  • One 5/8″-27 male to 3/8″-16 female adaptor.
  • And a 1/4″-20 male to 5/8″-27 female adaptor.

Of course, you can combine various adapters to get the correct configuration for your needs. With a weight of only 71g/0.15lbs, it’s a must-have accessory to always have on you.

Image credit: RØDE Microphones

Price and availability

The RØDE thread adaptor is available now for $25. It’ll be hard to beat at this price point, and it could even be a nice gift to any filmmaker you know if you need some inspiration.

For more information, please visit RØDE’s website here.

What do you think about this thread adaptor? Did you ever end up creating a weird-looking rig because you did not have the right adapter with you? Don’t hesitate to share your stories in the comments down below!

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