Rumoured Google Pixel 6 feature could end up costing users extra cash

Google’s Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro smartphones may be in-line for a charging speed upgrade, but it’s likely to cost buyers a few additional bucks.

According to a report from 91 Mobiles, the new smartphones will benefit from 33W wired charging, which would be a major improvement on the relatively pedestrian 18W currently offered by the Pixel 5 series.

It’s still short of what’s offered by phones like the OnePlus 9, which provides 65W Warp Charge to fully replenish the handset in around half an hour. However, a solid improvement nonetheless.

Should the change come to fruition, it’s likely Pixel 6 buyers will also need to fork out for an additional charing brick to support the improved speeds.

Earlier this week suggested the company confirmed plans to ditch the physical charger from the Pixel 6 packaging, following the lead of Apple with the iPhone 12 and Samsung with the Galaxy S21.

It remains unclear whether these production and shipping savings will be passed on to the consumer in order to buy a charger, or whether Google will pocket the excess and require users to pay extra for the new speeds.

However, due to the new Tensor processor and other factors like build and camera quality the Pixel 6 range is expected to go up in price overall.

Google has only partially revealed the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, ahead of a full launch this autumn. The Android 12 phones represent a big departure for Google in terms of design and, of course, the homegrown Tensor chip that will execute Google’s machine learning ambitions within the handset.

For now we’ll take the rumours of improved charging speeds with a pinch of salt until they’re confirmed by Google in the coming weeks and months.

Would you pay extra to harness the Pixel 6 range’s rumoured max charging speeds? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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