Ryzen 7 3700x Vs Intel Core i7 9700k

So, is the Ryzen 7 3700X older and wiser than the comparatively younger Intel Core i7 9700K? Unfortunately, trying to determine a winner between these two CPUs is more difficult than you might expect due to similar performance ability in a number of areas.

Feature-wise, AMD is really flexing its specs with this one, as they’ve updated their architecture to provide amazing component support and a noticeable difference in your gaming performance. The fact that it’s backward-compatible only adds to the list of advantages attached to this CPU, but it depends on which features you prioritize.

Overclocking, for example, will see gamers turn towards the Intel Core i7 9700K which offers much more stability in comparison, even when you’re gaming at higher frequencies. It also features a built-in UHD Graphics 360 card which is an added bonus for any gamer. On the other hand, the 3700X has an integrated cooling system that helps to prevent heat damage.

In most of our benchmark tests, the i7 9700K performed at a level that was only just inferior to the pricier Intel Core i9 9900K, making it a bit of a bargain when you consider how the difference in price isn’t reflected in the difference in performance ability and quality. The 3700X also struggled to keep up with the fps rates demonstrated by Intel’s processor, although the gap in performance was only minimal in most games.

Ultimately, either of these 8-core computer processors would be a great addition to your gaming PC setup, but if gaming is your sole focus the Intel Core i7 9700K is the best choice. For anything else, it’s worth investing in the Ryzen 7 3700X, which is the better CPU overall.

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