S Pen Pro details surface, including pricing

A recent tweet revealed some spicy details around the upcoming S Pen Pro – Samsung’s stylus that can be used with the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold3. Interestingly, the post went unnoticed for days but it comes from a fairly reliable source.

S Pen Pro details surface, including pricing

The active stylus is said to feature a thin 0.7mm tip that shouldn’t damage the handset’s foldable screen, supports 4096 pressure levels and charges over USB-C, which is kind of unexpected. Of course, the S Pen Pro will be sold separately and will attach magnetically onto compatible cases. The post ends with an estimated price of £70 in the UK.

For comparison, the standard S Pen costs around £35 right now and has the same 0.7mm tip and recognizes 4096 pressure levels. We are also pretty sure that the new S Pen Pro offers Bluetooth connectivity for remote control features and gestures but it’s still unclear exactly what makes the new stylus “Pro” aside from the fact that it won’t hurt the Z Fold3’s screen.


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