Saddle up and save $700 on the way to a new healthy you with this Bowflex early Black Friday 2021 deal

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If you are looking to get fit and quickly by the time New Year comes round, there are few better ways of getting your heart rate up than a spin bike like this Bowflex Velocore on a special Black Friday deal at Best Buy for $700 less than normal. And no, that isn’t a typo.

Normally coming in at a dollar under $2k this Peloton beater is under the price you will pay for the heavily-marketed favorite. But we think the Bowflex is better in so many ways, and if anything, it looks even cooler with the 16″ display suspended in front of you away from the bike chassis.

By having one in your home they can literally change your life over the course of a couple of months. No longer do you need to be put off by having to travel to the gym and you can save all the travel time it takes to get there and back and put it to better use playing with some of the other things you buy this Black Friday.

All you need is one of these in the corner of the room and 20-30 minutes a day to put in some high-intensity work and you will soon start to feel the benefits. So start your fitness kick before New Year gets here and sit back and laugh at all your friends buying gym memberships they will never end up using.

Save $700 on getting fit with the Bowflex VeloCore

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Bowflex – VeloCore Bike with 16″ screen

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Save $700

Best Peloton Alternative this Black Friday

The hype is always around Peloton but Bowflex has been quietly taking market share in the home spin bike market for a while with the ability to use the onboard screen for so much more than workouts. You can overlay your cycling metrics on this smart fitness bike on top of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu+, and Disney+ – you just can’t do that without an awful lot of messing around, and even then your metrics options are limited.

Like Peolton though you can get intense class workouts by subscribing to various home cycling apps, although this deal includes 1 year’s membership to JRNY which is worth $149 as well.

With toe cages or clips on the pedals, you have a choice to hop right on board without having to purchase extra cycling footwear to help you power through the 1000 resistance levels the bike provides.

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