Saints Row Reboot Release Date & Character Creation!

How extensive is the Saints Row Reboot character creation?

One of the most anticipated features of the Saints Row reboot is the character creation option. This much-loved feature gave the games an edge over the single-player Grand Theft Auto games at least, and fans of the series were quick to ask the developers if it would be returning, as it was not clear from the above trailer revealed at Gamescom 2021.

After some haranguing by the rabid fans, the developers were quick to placate them with the below tweet. It looks like Saints Row Reboot character creation is confirmed!


The Saints Row Reboot will focus on a group of four compadres – Neenah the driver, Eli the man with the plan, Kevin the smooth talker (and DJ), and Boss – which is the character you play. Your version of Boss can have a selection of 8 different voices and be of whatever age or gender you choose.

Beyond this, it’s uncertain at this stage is how detailed the character creation options will be. Many players are excited about the prospect of recreating their Saints Row characters from the earlier games, but as no details of the system have been revealed, all we currently have are hopes and dreams.

Fans also asked the developers whether previously established characters like Shaundi, Cool Shaundi, Johnny Gat, and Pierce would be returning in the Saints Row Reboot, however there was no definitive word on this, so we’ll have to wait and see! Personally, we think that anything other than cameo appearances are unlikely, given that the Saints Row Reboot is a completely new start for the series.

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