Samsung Galaxy A12 Nacho arrives with Exynos 850

While everyone is waiting for the new foldables to be announced on Wednesday Samsung unveiled a rather unexpected entry level phone. The Samsung Galaxy A12 has arrived in Russia with an Exynos 850 instead of the Helio P35 and with a new name – Galaxy A12 Nacho – yes, like the Mexican snack.

Samsung Galaxy A12 Nacho arrives with Exynos 850

Samsung doesn’t want to taco ‘bout this unusual name choice, but aside from the chipset and one extra storage option, everything else identical to the original Galaxy A12 smartphone, which is also available in the Russian market.

Currently, Samsung is offering the Galaxy A12 on its website, but if online purchases are nacho way (last one, we promise) of purchasing smartphones, the new variant is sold by third-party partners such as Beeline, MTS, and Megafon.

Samsung Galaxy A12 Nacho arrives with Exynos 850

The Galaxy A12 Nacho prices are RUB11,990 ($160) for the 3/32GB variant, RUB13,990 ($175) for the 4/64 GB, and RUB16,990 ($190) for 4GB RAM and 128 gigs of storage. The prices of the regular Galaxy A12 are essentially the same, but Samsung is currently offering a discount of RUB1,000 for the 3/32 GB and 4/64 GB versions.

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