Save £200 off this brand new Hisense Dolby Vision 4K TV on Prime Day

Usually we see older TVs feature in Amazon Prime Day deals, but a brand new Hisense TV has popped up with a very satisfying reduction.

The Hisense 65A6GTUK is brand new for 2021 and it boasts a number improvements over the 2020 models. It’s the price crash that has our attention, though, as this TV has only been available for a month and Prime Day has reduced by £200.

So you can get this brand new Hisense 65-inch 4K TV for £599, down from its normal price of £799.

That’s a cracking deal in our minds and what you get for that money brings even more value. Dolby Vision is supported, so with Dolby Vision content you get a better HDR performance in terms of colour accuracy, contrast and brightness than you would from HDR10 content. That’s useful if you watch a lot Netflix and Disney+ streams.

It features AI picture optimisation for upscaling non-4K content to near 4K quality. There’s a ‘Sports Mode’ that is enabled when the TV detects a sports signal, and it automatically smooths out the image to avoid stutter and blur – perfect for watching Euro 2020.

The TV’s interface has been updated to the VIDAA U5 version with its support for popular streaming apps, Freeview Play, as well as support for Alexa via the Remote Now app, if you’re in need of a digital smart assistant.

There’s Auto Low Latency Mode for switching automatically to the TV’s game mode, and Hisense measures the TV’s latency at less than 20ms. Given how conservative the brand was with its 2020 TVs, you can expect its gaming performance to be fairly nifty.

DTS Virtual:X is supported to help make dialogue more intelligible and provide a bigger and louder sound than TVs are usually capable of, and claims to do so without creating distortion.

Considering how new this TV is (it went on sale May 2021) and that it’s a 65-inch TV for £600, this is definitely a very attractive deal and one that certainly deserves a spotlight We can’t claim to have tested, but given it is Hisense it’ll be packing plenty of value – even more so at its reduced price.

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