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Vacuuming your house has become a lot easier when you let a robot do it for you so be sure to check out the Jet Bot+ Bundle offer in Samsung’s early Black Friday 2021 deals. With a saving of $200 you can enjoy the comfort of a robot doing your chores for you and with a clean station to go with it, the vacuum lowers the hassle of maintenance of your device which will automatically and charge with this bundle.

Get $200 off on the Jet Bot+ bundle at Samsung

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Jet Bot+ Robot Vacuum with Clean Station

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A great handsfree vacuuming solution is to snag up this deal from Samsung on their Jet Bot+ Bundle part of their early Black Friday 2021 deals. With adjustable power dependent on the surface, the Jet bot+ will be sure to snag up any loose dust and dirt from your floors, and with their 5-layer filtration, it will make sure that no micro-dust will be pushed up into the air to cause irritation. You also won’t get irritated with high maintenance on the Jet bot+ as with its clean station it will empty itself by itself as well as charge itself up, giving you the freedom to not have to worry about cleaning up, and the few times you do, you can easily clean up the dustbin and such as nothing in the sink or dishwasher.

The Jet bot+ also features LIDAR technology that will map out and learn its environment to best plan its route to clean your rooms efficiently, as well as being able to be controlled from your phone with the ability to close off specific areas if you wish them no to be disturbed by the vacuum. Or you’ll be able to use voice recognition if you’d prefer, with its built-in voice recognition, with the bot also equipped with cliff and its sensors you can be sure it will manage itself in peace to get the job done.

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