Save $300 on MSI Sword gaming laptop early Black Friday deal

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Don’t miss this amazing MSI Sword deal this early Black Friday. MSI places quality, thought and well, love into every product they manufacture, very easy to tell if you’ve ever owned one of their unparalleled products. The MSI Sword is no expectation, this gaming laptop is built with the utmost quality and best hardware this budget will allow. This laptop is all about performance for the right price. let’s take a look at this MSI Sword deal for Black Friday.

Save £300 on the MSI Sword at Best Buy

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MSI Sword Gaming Laptop | Intel Core i7 | RTX 3050ti | 8GB Memory

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Save $300

This MSI Sword deal is one to take home this black Friday. Especially when you learn the MSI Sword is packed with one of the best i7 mobile processors (subjectively) and a pretty decent entry-level 30 series GPU the RTX 3050 Ti so not quite bottom of the pile. But just because it’s the second-lowest 30 series does not mean to say it does not pack a punch.

The CPU installed is the Intel Core i7-11800H with its 8 hyperthreaded CPU cores for a total of 16 logical processors all clocked at a turbo speed of 4.6GHz. you’ll never have an issue with computational power rocking this powerhouse of a CPU.

The GPU loaded into the MSI Sword is none other than the RTX 3050 Ti. As I mentioned before, not quite the bottom of the barrel, with its 2560 unified pipelines, a boosted clock speed of 1485MHz, and a sizeable helping of 4GB GDDR6 VRAM you should run into no issues pushing pixels on the MSI Sword this Black Friday.

This MSI Sword deal is sweetened a great deal by the 8GB of DDR4 RAM the Sword contains. This is plenty for gaming personally and although isn’t really enough to do a lot of heavy editing or workstation tasks, it should comfortably see you through.

Some more notable features of the amazing MSI Sword are; The 144Hz 1080P IPS display, a perfect match for the RTX 3050 Ti contained within. the 512GB SSD is pre-loaded with a full copy of Windows 10, so no worrying sorting out your own. And of course, no gaming laptop would be complete without a fully backlit RGB keyboard now, would it?

Grab this amazing MSI Sword deal this Black Friday, I guarantee it won’t stay in stock for long. Get it while you can!

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