Save 35% on an Asus ProArt StudioBook early Black Friday 2021

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You may not need it but it is a great deal the Asus ProArt StudioBook is part of Best Buy’s early Black Friday 2021 deals. Yes, it is that expensive, but it is 35% off. It is in fact a saving of $3,500. So you can imagine how much it costs originally. But it is the creme de la creme of components. Together they will definitely handle all the tasks you could dream of throwing at them.

Get $3500 off an Asus ProArt StudioBook at Best Buy early Black Friday 2021

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ASUS ProArt Studiobook One 15.6″ Laptop

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Save $3,500

Check out the Asus ProArt StudioBook in Best Buy’s early Black Friday 2021. It features an Intel Core i9-9980HK processor which will give you the fastest and most powerful CPU. Allowing you to run a plethora of tasks at the same time without the worry of it slowing down. Or even being able to run any rendering and computing processes that you need to run. Some of which will be video editing or 3d modeling will definitely benefit from the eight-core processor. You don’t even have to worry about gaming it will manage any of it with ease.

Furthermore, the ProArt Studiobook holds 64GB of RAM that will be able to keep your machine running fast no matter how much you load it up. You might even be able to run multiple Chrome tabs on it. Graphics will be no issue either with a Quadro RTX 6000 giving you 24GB of VRAM to play with. Plenty for any great graphics you want to run on any game or for video rendering. Even 8k footage, without hitches or slowdowns it will speed up your work.

You’ll be spoilt for connectivity too with three Thunderbolt ports giving you fast transfers one of which is the power which is also done through Thunderbolt. As well as Bluetooth and WiFi 5 built-in to make sure you stay easily connected. Of course, it also comes with Windows 10 Pro which you’ll be able to upgrade to 11 if you require or still aren’t sure about it.

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