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Computer parts have been inflated and if you were planning on buying a new computer then Best Buy’s early Black Friday 2021 deals will be good for you with the EVGA W1 600W power supply. It is a good choice for a more budget low-powered build as it is only a 600W power supply and has an 80+ certified rating. It is also a non-modular supply so be sure has everything you need in it and are not too bothered with the cable management.

Get $25 off a EVGA W1 600W PSU at Best Buy

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EVGA W1 Series 600W ATX PSU

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The EVGA W1 600W is on offer in Best Buy’s early Black Friday 2021 sale, the power supply is a good choice for more budget builds as they will require less power and components. The power supply is only rated for 600w, which these days seem to be lacking with how power-hungry components are becoming. The PSU is of ATX size and rated 80+ efficiency so will be making sure you’ll be getting the right kind of power at better rates to all your components.

The W1 is non-modular so comes only with the attached cables, which include a 24 pin motherboard connector, one CPU power, two PCIe, six SATA, and three Molex connectors. Which by most standards is plenty enough for budget builds, as you won’t be getting much more for a 600W PSU. With overload protection and 3 years warranty, you can also be sure to trust the quality of the power supply that will be sure to last you long in your build. So with such a great deal saving you 38%, you can get this power supply for a low price keeping your cost down and keeping your budget up for other parts.

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