Save $60 on the Western Digital 8TB HDD

While many denigrate the good old HDD (Hard Disk Drive) as archaic, preferring SSDs (Solid State Drives), the classic hard drive still has a place in many people’s PCs because of one reason: capacity. While SSDs currently rule the roost in terms of speed and reliability, HDDs still hold fast as dependable, vast storage mediums. The prices have been dropping at an alarming rate too, so with that in mind, we’ve been keeping an eye on the best hard drive deals out there.

The Western Digital WD Black 8TB is a steal at this price point, its huge capacity combined with Western Digital’s venerable track record of reliability makes it an excellent choice. Additionally, it spins up to 7,200 RPM so you can access your files at a speed near the top end of what mechanical hard drives are capable of.

With Steam libraries ever-growing, and AAA games ballooning in size (looking at you, Call of Duty Warzone) this drive can give you some much-needed breathing room. Additionally, as its part of Western Digital’s Black series of HDDs, It’s tuned for pure performance in media, gaming, and content creation. This is thanks to the dual-core processor that doubles the processing capacity to maximize the performance of this drive.

This drive also benefits from western Digital’s Acronis True Image WD Edition software, allowing you to clone drives and create backups with ease, a notable advantage as anyone who has experienced the sheer peril and anxiety of catastrophic data loss will know that backing up your valuable data is a regular best practice. All these benefits for at a 21% discount? Not too bad at all. Saving $60 dollars on future-proofing your PC can’t be sniffed at. Remember to check back regularly as we bring you not only hard drive deals but a daily dose of tech and gaming deals and discounts.

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