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Last Updated: November 16, 2021

Whether you’re a Dragon Age fan or not, there’s no amount of playthroughs that are considered ‘too many’ for Dragon Age. I, myself, have played about 400 hours of Dragon Age Inquisition, only to repeat the same choices every time. That doesn’t mean I have any less fun though, and I will continue to encourage friends to play the brilliant Bioware fantasy series.

Now, we may not be friends but that won’t stop me from encouraging you to play Inquisition. If you’ve played it already, then now’s the calling to play again. If not, well you’re missing out on a fun fantasy epic. Dragon Age Inquisition continues the story in Thedas, the world of Dragon Age. In fact, Thedas itself means ‘The Dragon Age Setting’.

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Save 99% on Dragon Age Inquisition at CDKeys

CDKeys are currently offering Dragon Age Inquisition with a 99% discount. This basically means you’re paying cents for a triple-A game. And don’t worry, although Dragon Age Inquisition is the third addition to the series, you won’t need to have played the other two. It certainly helps! Because when Dragon Age says choices matter, they do. Your choices and actions in Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 will have ramifications in Inquisition. You’ll get to see how your actions actually affected the entire world, so of course I do recommend playing the other two if you haven’t already.

But it’s not a deal breaker, as there is a ‘default’ world setting. Inquisition does however allow you to prepare for the highly anticipated Dragon Age 4 which will inevitably release. So if you’ve not already tried it, now’s the perfect chance to see if you will also fall down the Dragon Age rabbit hole!

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