Sekonic celebrates 70th anniversary with a limited-edition, retro-inspired light meter: Digital Photography Review

Light and color measuring company Sekonic is to release a limited edition burgundy and gold light meter to celebrate its 70th year in business. Only 700 of the L-398A Studio Deluxe lll 70th Anniversary edition meters will be made and each will arrive resting on a cushion in a Japanese lacquer box.

The meter will be a remake of the company’s very cool L-28 analogue model from 1956, which the modern L-398A is based on. The anniversary edition will come with a leather case and strap as well as a lumisphere, lumidisc, lumigrid and a High Slide. Sekonic fans are suggested to register their details with the company for details of when the meter will available to order. Shipping is expected in October this year, but pricing information has yet to be released.

I’m a little confused about the actual age of the company as the information around the anniversary states that the first meter was created in 1949, which makes it 72. I’d thought the first meter was the Sekonic P-1 in 1951 when the company was called Seiko Electric Industries.

The company became Sekonic in 1960, but had sold branded Sekonic meters as well as made meters for a number of other brands. The Japanese corporate website states the same information, and the rather nice commemorative poster shows the L-1 as the first meter in 1949, but also declares ‘Since 1951′. I don’t suppose it matters too much. I can’t remember how old I am either, and I’m nowhere near 72.

For more information see Sekonic’s website.

Manufacturer’s information:

We are celebrating our 70th Anniversary!

We are immensely humbled and proud to be celebrating our 70th Anniversary in 2021.

For 70 years, we have designed and manufactured the most innovative and sophisticated light measuring instruments in the Photographic and Cine/Video industry.

We thank all of our wonderful customers and stakeholders for your support over the years! We have created a special limited edition light meter to celebrate this milestone: L-398A Studio Deluxe III 70th Anniversary Edition.

Based on the original 1956 version of the “Studio Deluxe” meter, this limited edition of 700 is available in burgundy and rose gold.

Coming October 2021.


  • Japanese Lacquer Box with Cushion for Storing
  • 70th Anniversary Edition in Burgundy + Rose Gold
  • Special Leather Case and Strap
  • 70th Anniversary Edition Plate

Also includes:

  • Lumisphere (normal black ring)
  • Lumidisc
  • Lumigrid
  • High slide

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From our humble beginnings in 1949 – when the first Sekonic light meter was created – and two years later when the “Seiko Electronic Co. Ltd” was established to the current day, we have never lost sight of our design and engineering passion.

One product became the symbolic hallmark product of the Sekonic brand: the Studio Deluxe series. Today, the current version L-398A Studio Deluxe III continues to be a favorite among traditional photographers, educators, and seasoned cinematographers.

We are honored and appreciative to be celebrating this milestone anniversary with you. We wish you continued success and passion, as together we celebrate the creativity and craft of the still and moving image.

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