Setting up a Home Office In Your Living Room

Living Room Home Office Tips

Millions of Americans are now working from home. Most people do not have access to a separate room in their home or apartment that can be used as an office space.

The living room is the most common area people are using as their new workspace. While this can create several challenges, if done properly your living room can function as both office and lounge area.

Setting up your Living Room

When you are looking to set up your living room there are a few steps you should take.

Take Inventory

Take note of what you currently have in your space.

  • Is there anything you don’t need?
  • Is there anywhere a desk can fit
  • Can the layout of the room be shifted to free up space?
  • Is there a spot where a desk can fit?

Answering these simple questions can help you understand your space better, and plan out your updates/modifications.

Typically a corner is the best area to add a workspace. You want to try and keep it as out of the way as possible, while blending it into your room.

What do you Need to be Productive

Once you have taken inventory of your room, the next step is to plan out what you need to be productive.

Think about what items you would normally have in the office, and what items you want to have at home.

Common items to consider:

  • Desk Space
  • Monitors
  • Keyboard/Mouse
  • Headphone/Speakers
  • Phones/Headsets
  • Chair
  • Webcam
  • Power strips/extension cords
  • Printer

Living Room Office Setup

Once you have taken inventory of the room, and decided what items you want to fill your space with. The next step and putting the final plans into place.

Strongly consider creating some sort of defined desk space. There are many folding or rolling desks that can be quickly pushed into a new room or closet on weekends.

  • Rearrange your room to create new desk space or work area
  • Setup your new desk area including supplies
  • Organize your new setup in a way that maximizes work, try to avoid angles that allow you to watch TV or be distracted by things happening in other rooms.

Following some of these steps can help you increase your productivity and comfort when working from home.

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