Shape AC Toolkit Utility Belt for TV and Film Professionals

Shape AC Toolkit Utility Belt for TV and Film Professionals

Shape has introduced its new Shape AC Belt and Pouch Toolkit, designed for the varied needs of on-set ACs and other technical professionals working in film and television.

Virtually everyone, especially those who choose to get involved in film and television production, has wanted to be Batman at one point or another — and now, a new utility belt from Shape brings that dream one step closer. It might look like just a belt but, in reality, it’s a really complicated belt.

Let’s dive in.

Designed for ACs, grips, and film techs

The belt is made of durable nylon, which fits with its “tactical” look, providing durability and strength against large weights from 91 cm up to 121 cm (36 to 48 in). It includes a quick-release buckle that makes it a simple matter to attach and detach the belt — regular tradespeople have been making do with buckles since time immemorial, but film workers like quick-release things, and so here we are.

More interesting is the accessory pouch that fits onto the belt, which features multiple helpful loop and pouch sizes for ACs and other film workers, allowing easy storage of everything from screwdrivers to follow focus disks to braces of small adapters. The thing about a film-centric tool belt is its need to support an infinite number of possible tool shapes and sizes, and Shape seems to have kept that fact front of mind through the development process.

The SHAPE AC Toolkit uses the MOLLE standard

The belt kit also features numerous MOLLE (MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system attachments. This standard is found on a lot of military equipment, and while it takes a long time to attach and detach, it’s at least a light and sturdy attachment that does not require any hard metal or plastic pieces that can dig into your sensitive flesh.

A tough quick-release clip keeps the belt held secure. Image credit: Shape

Shape has previously released simple, labor-saving on-set tools, such as its smartphone hand grip support, but this is a very specialized piece of equipment for on-set professionals. It’s probably not necessary for many indies, but if you make your money on professional film sets, this could help you keep all your equipment on you, at all times.

Does film require a specific tool belt, or could you get by with a typical, less expensive one? Let us know in the comments below!

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