SK Hynix Confirms Production Of DDR5 Memory In 2H 2021

During a financial report from SK Hynix in Q2 2021, news emerged that the DRAM producer will be beginning mass production of DDR5 memory modules. The latest RAM kits will likely be utilized by next-generation platforms from both Intel and AMD, offering up a tonne more performance which is more efficient and lower on voltage.

SK Hynix To Begin Mass Production Of DDR5 In Second Half Of 2021

The DRAM producer confirmed its plans to commence mass production during a Q2 financial report – with production set to start in the 2nd half of 2021. With this news, we can extrapolate that the company may start rolling out the first DDR5 memory modules to partners in the coming months. SK Hynix also announced that they would begin supplying its 1anm DRAM chips -mass-produced using EUV lithography. Finally, the DRAM producer also stated its focus on its high-capacity server DRAMs as well – with capacities eclipsing 64GB.

Here’s what a spokesperson from SK Hynix states:

For DRAM, SK hynix plans to increase the sales of its high-capacity server DRAMs larger than 64 Gigabyte (GB). Additionally, the Company disclosed that it would begin supplying its 1anm DRAMs, which are mass-produced via EUV equipment, and mass production of DDR5 DRAM within the second half of this year.” 

DDR5 Memory To Offer Double The Bandwidth

SK Hynix states that DDR5 memory aims to offer more than double the bandwidth of today’s DDR4, albeit at a lower voltage capacity. They go on to state that moving from DDR3 to DDR4 back in 2013 saw a 33% increase in bandwidth (1600Mbps to 2133 Mbps). For DDR5, however, the goal is to achieve more than a 50% increase in bandwidth per DIMM – with rates expected to hit 4800 MT/s.

TeamGroup DDR5 min 1

Alongside greater bandwidth, we can also expect faster memory modules in the future as well – with other manufacturers reporting speeds of over 10,000 MHz during the research phase – take that with a pinch of salt of course. Memory capacity should reach a staggering 128GB per module for DDR5, with speeds rated to 4800 MT/s and 5600 MT/s.

At the time of writing this, we’ve only seen Micro DDR5 DRAM used by manufacturers including Corsair, Kingston, GALAX, TeamGroup, Netac, Crucial, Geil, ZADAK, XPG, and ASGARD. However, with the arrival of SK Hynix in the coming months, we’ll likely see a whole host of exciting new DDR5 products arrive.

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