Skyrim’s 10th Anniversary edition is not on Game Pass, but there’s a large discount

Skyrim’s 10th anniversary is almost here, with the new Skyrim edition arriving on November 11. Like all new releases, many gamers are wondering what platforms you can get the game on, including whether on not Skyrim 10th Anniversary is on game pass.

Since Microsoft announced the acquisition of Bethesda and its development and publishing studios, Microsoft has been building goodwill with its fans. Microsoft announced all games are day 1 Game Pass, along with building the hype for other content. However, there is a bit of a catch with the Skyrim 10th anniversary edition, as it is not a day one title, but there’s a massive discount. 

When is Skyrim: Anniversary Edition coming to Game Pass?

Back in August, during the Microsoft x Bethesda conference at Gamescom, they revealed information on the Skyrim 10th anniversary edition. Not much seems to have changed since then, Back then, they mentioned that the game is not coming to Game Pass, so the message has been somewhat clear from the get-go. However, the good news is that the usual discount is applied to the anniversary edition. We got confirmation on this from the official Spanish speaking Bethesda customer service channels.