Smite Tier List 2021 for Season 8.8: Best Solo, Jungle, Mid, ADC and Support Gods

Smite Tier List Rankings

S+: Artemis, Apollo, Athena, Cerberus, Cu Chulainn, Danzaburou, Gilgamesh, Guan Yu, Janus, Khepri, King Arthur, Odin, Scylla, Set, Sobek, Sun Wukong, Tiamat, Tsukuyomi, Yemoja.

S-: Agni, Ares, Artio, Chang’e, Chernobog, Cupid, Erlang Shen, Fenrir, Fafnir, Hel, Izanami, Morgan Le Fay, Nemesis, Nu Wa, Osiris, Raijin, Ratatoskr, Ravana, Sol, Serqet, Thanatos, Tyr, The Morrigan,  Ymir.

A: Anhur, Achilles, Ah Muzen Cab, Anubis, Ao Kuang, Aphrodite, Bacchus, Bellona, Bastet, Camazotz, Cabrakan, Cthulu, Discordia, Eset, Ganesha, Geb, Hades, Hercules, Heimdallr, Horus, Jing Wei, Kali, Kukulkan, Loki, Mercury, Merlin, Nike, Ze Zha, Persephone, Poseidon, Susano. Thor, Thoth, Xing Tian.

B: Au Puch, Amaterasu, Arachne, Awilix, Baba Yaga, Baron Samedi, Cerunnos, Chaac, Chiron, Chronos, Hachiman, He Bo, Hera, Hou Yi, Hun Batz, Jormungandr, Kuzenbo, Medusa, Mulan, Neith, Pele, Ra, Rama, Skadi, Sylvanus, Terra, Ullr, Vamana, Vulcan, Xbalanque, Zeus, Zhong Kui.

C: Bakasura, Charybdis, Da Ji, Freya, Kumbhakarna, Nox, Olorun.

Smite Patch 8.8 Notes Summary

Smite’s Patch 8.8 Bonus continuous the trend of adding new Gods to the game, with Charybdis becoming the latest Hunter (ADC) to fill Smite’s roster. Not to mention the patch continues to target Smite’s worst offending items and Gods, along with buffing those struggling a slight bit. It also seems we are in a complete meta switch up, especially for Guardian and Hunter Gods.

Smite Solo Tier List Highlights 8.8

Sun Wukong Smite

Solo Laners are in a great spot this Season. The Solo Lane Warriors are mighty, especially with anti heal items getting nerfed. They are tough to kill while sitting on top of their opposition, simultaneously placing immense pressure and damage. Some of the best Solo Laners are explained in this Smite Solo tier list breakdown.

The Best Solo Laners for Smite Season 8

Guan Yu – Based on Ranked Conquest, Gaun Yu is arguably the best performing God in the entire game. Two of his abilities lowers his cooldown by two seconds, with most of his abilities making him immune to CC in general, especially against knockbacks. Furthermore, his ultimate enhances the effects of his abilities, buffing the CC effects, damage, and resistance shred on his abilities. Warrior’s Will is a dash that slows enemies hit. When engaging enemies, use Talu Assault to do AOE damage while breaking down armor values. The Cavalry Charge is the most annoying part of his kit, making him immune to CC in general. Dismounting then stuns the opposition, setting them up for guaranteed hits with the rest of Guan Yu’s kit. And if that wasn’t enough, he has a heal! (remember that weaker anti-heal we mentioned?) Therefore, Guan Yu is one of the most difficult solo laners to get off the backline, and it’s almost skillless to engage correctly. Guna Yu is straight-up one of the more obnoxious Gods, no wonder he ranks high in our Smite Tier List.

King Arthur – King Arthur is one of the biggest bulwarks in the game. In the late game, items like Reinforced Graves, Sundering Axe, and Stone of Gaia make King Arthur unkillable. Depending on how Arthur utilizes his combos and energy levels, he has two huge dashes, with more CC if enemies connect with the dash. Follow this up with the Battle Stomp, and Hamstring slows on the targeted enemy; his enemies can’t get away. Arthur’s items are granting him so many defensive buffs, armor shreds on enemies and shielding from Pridwen that combat shifts more and more in his favour.

Sun Wukong – Sun Wukong is very adaptive and versatile. The interesting thing about Wukong is the 72 Transformations. The eagle form makes him one of the quickest Solo Laners, adapting to ganks, routine to help teammates and more. The Tiger form is his main duelling form, offering direct damage and stun. The Ox form is the big team fight engager, jumping in and displacing several enemies if aimed well. Synergize the Tiger or Ox stance with Master’s Will, and Wukong has quality dive potential. Somersault Cloud is a big staller for team fights. The pet he leaves behind allows him to go invisible and begin regenerating HP. Most cc in the current meta comes from disengage knockbacks, which doesn’t instantly kill his pet. Enemy solo laners will likely use their stuns to handle Wukkong well, making the monkey king one of the trickiest Gods to fight. Even getting him out of his ultimate isn’t presented without issues. Shifter’s Shield extends health regen, and items like Pridwen only inflate the shield’s status.

Tyr – If King Arthur sounded annoying, then Tyr can be a more snowball version of him. Buying Bluestone at the start makes him a huge snowball God that can run away with lanes and then games. If this build works, then you’ll be laughing with quick purchases of Breastplate of Valor and Shifter’s Shield. Both items grant him better cooldown speeds, more tankiness and physical power. The stance forms are tricky, but using those abilities correctly gives Tyr the survivability or damage from Power Cleave and Fearless. As for Lawbringer, this is all the dive you need,  jumping in the air and diving on the desired nearby target(s).

Bellona – While not exactly one of the most fitting Warriors in the meta, Bellona is one way to deal with some of the momentum warriors generate in the lane. Bellona is one of the stronger lane bullies in the game, with her Eagle’s Rally, which increases protection and stuns targets under it. Scourge’s disarmed mechanic, bonus range, and healing every third auto makes trading against Bellona difficult. Her sword and shield stance will reduce incoming basic attack damage via the Shield’s Block stacks when enemies can finally trade back. Her whole purpose in the landing phase is to stop the enemy warriors from snowballing by keeping the pressure in the plan, allowing the backline carries to get more gold in the early and late game. Therefore, you could say she creates more breathing space for the Mid and ADC’s to get more gold before the inevitable dive comes in. Bellona is a solid Warrior in the Smite Tier List, especially for newer players to the game or role.

Cu Chulainn – Cu is one of the popular picks in Season 8, and it’s clear why. Cu is one of the stronger Warriors in the game and the only one in this section that contains anti healing. Barbed Spear applied anti healing for several seconds on any God hit with the ability. The Vent Anger ability is his big Rage spender, making him do AOE damage while increasing his movement speed. Cu uses this after engaging with his Salmon’s Leap or Furious Charge.  Spear of Mortal Pain is his big AOE damage dealer in team fights, which adds CC effects while in his ult mode. Berserk is his ultimate, which alters his abilities when he is above 85 rage. Cu naturally generates rage when he uses his abilities, attacks, and allies to take damage. Going into fights with enough rage is tricky, but Cu becomes majorly disruptive when executed successfully.

Odin went from an underlooked warrior at the start of Season 8 to the Nordic overlord he was meant to be. He is now the most banned warrior in the Phase 2 of the Smite Pro League.

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