Some Android users can now enjoy Apple Music lossless and spatial audio

Apple Music got a major free update in early June when the new CD quality (and beyond) lossless audio and the three-dimensional spatial audio support arrived.

However, subscribers on Android weren’t invited to the party straight off the bat. After the functionality has tested in beta for some users, both lossless spatial audio are now rolling out on Google Play.

Apple Music v3.6 is now moving out of beta, and includes the new lossless and spatial audio features that were hinted at in code, but not available to test within the preview.

Apple Music lossless on Android
Image credit: Android Police

The word comes from Android Police, who’ve spied both features within the new app. In a screenshot, the site revealed that high-resolution lossless audio in the ALAC format will be available at 24-bit/192Hz, while standard lossless will come in at 24-bit/48Hz.

Apple points out that “support varies” and will be dependent on the network you’re using, the connected speaker and the compatibility of headphones. The same applies on iOS, where you’ll need specific equipment in order to access the highest quality music.

As for the Dolby Atmos-powered spatial audio tech, Apple says it’ll only be available on compatible devices. Unfortunately, it doesn’t list them, so we’re none the wiser right now.

The Google Play listing for Apple Music does include an update on July 22 (today), but that doesn’t reference either feature. Instead it speaks of the new lyric sharing feature, record label pages and an improved Google Assistant when you link the Apple Music account in the Google Home app.

It’s not clear whether a second update will include the reference to the new features, but all-in-all it’s good news for Apple Music subscribers on enemy territory.

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