Sonic Mania Set To Be The Latest Free Title On Epic Games

From June 24th at 4 PM Sonic Mania is going to be completely free on Epic Games for an entire week. Epic Games releases a free game or two every week and we have seen some decent titles being offered up of late.

Whether you love your old-school games or just love a freebie, picking up Sonic Mania for free is going to satisfy most gamers.

What Is Sonic Mania?

Sonic Mania was released back in 2017 published by Sega for the PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation4, and Xbox One. This side-scrolling platformer resembles the earlier Sonic The Hedgehog titles we are used to, with three playable characters and hours of fun for all the family.

The three playable characters are Tails, who can fly, Knuckles who can glide and climb walls, and of course, Sonic who can drop dash.

Why Is Sonic Mania Free?

Epic Games releases new free games every week on top of the popular titles that have always been free on the publisher’s game store. The free games usually remain so for one week before going back to their sales price, so make sure you keep your eye out on Epic Games website and Epic Games Launcher.

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