Sony patents PS5 online tournament system

A new patent revealed the possibility of an exciting multiplayer upgrade for the PS5

With the rising popularity of eSports each year, online gaming tournaments are nothing new and the format is responsible for some of the most popular games.

Sony is taking this to the next level, with their new patent suggesting that they could become the number one platform for gaming tournaments in the future, Gaming Intel reported.

The new PS5 system would allow players and developers to host gaming tournaments using a built-in feature that can create tournament brackets without the need for a dedicated mode in each game.

Not only a potentially great way to streamline usually over-complicated console gaming competitions, but this will also take advantage of the PlayStation Network (PSN) to generate these brackets outside the game you’re playing. This means that multiplayer games won’t need to implement tournament modes, they will be able to rely on the built-in PSN to create one for each game.

The chance for PSN to integrate their own multiplayer tournaments in their games would allow for a wider audience and a simplified tournament for consoles.

The PSN will be able to create tournament brackets and then will use real-time data and gameplay tracking to be able to understand who won, and then schedule the next matches in the tournament.

This will simplify console gaming and make it easier for people to integrate into these competitions. Plus, integrating it directly into the PSN would bring a much wider audience to eSports, increasing the number of gamers on the platform.

Even though this still isn’t a confirmed feature, the possibility of this happening can’t be downplayed.

There aren’t a lot of PS5 games that feature dedicated tournament modes at the moment. There aren’t many multiplayer games for the PS5 as it is, but introducing this feature while the console is still young opens the door for Sony to focus on more multiplayer games.

It would also be a huge advantage for fighting games and team games, potentially giving them the chance to be upgraded into larger, more professional events with entry criteria and maybe even losers’ brackets, which would give players a second chance if they were knocked out early.

So while we wait and see if this new feature will be announced, you can entertain yourself with some of the best PS5 games of 2021. Or, if you’re struggling to actually purchase a console, check out where you can find PS5 stock in shops now.

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