Sony TVs, cameras, and consoles

Looking for the best Sony Black Friday deals this year? Look no further.

Sony is one of the most well-known names in electronic entertainment in the world. Besides the legendary series of PlayStation consoles, the brand is well known for their TVs, audio equipment, and cameras. You can expect to see deals on all of the above for Black Friday 2021

If you already know which specific Sony product you’re looking for, check out the list immediately below for a selection of deals, otherwise read on for some of our best picks in each category to watch out for on Black Friday 2021:

The best Sony TV deals for Black Friday 2021

Sony do a range of different TVs, from OLED to LED displays, of different sizes and resolutions. The Sony A90J OLED is the best overall TV in any category that Sony does in our not so humble opinion; this 4K beast looks superb with its OLED display and has a great 120Hz refresh rate and low input lag for gaming as well. More mid-range offerings include the Sony Bravia KD49XH8505BU, and the budget end the Sony X750H. The Sony KD-75ZH8 is also one of the best 8K TVs around.

The best Sony soundbar deals for Black Friday 2021

The Sony HT-A7000 is top of the shop as far as premium Sony soundbars go, coming with Dolby Atmos support for greater cinematic immersion, and it’s well worth a buy this Black Friday 2021 if you’re looking for something to go with your new TV. For those looking for a more budget selection, the older Sony HT-X8500 is a solid 2.1 channel pick.

The best Sony camera deals for Black Friday 2021

The best premium-level Sony camera to look out for this Black Friday is the Sony A1. This camera is an industry-leading monster, which can do everything: shoot up to 8K video at 30FPS and take up to 50MP resolution stills. Ultimately the high-price tag will put it out of the range of most, but if you spot a good Sony A1 deal, snap it up! A more sensible, but nevertheless high quality option is the Sony A7 III, which offers great image quality with high max ISO settings, thanks to its 24.2MP back-illuminated image sensor.

The best Sony PlayStation deals this Black Friday

Thanks to the continuing global silicon shortage, the new PlayStation 5 has been hard to come by, either at full price, or whether you’re looking for PlayStation 5 Digital deals (without a disk drive) or the standard PlayStation 5 deals (with disk drive). Still, various PlayStation 5 bundles have been appearing on the market from various retailers, and Black Friday 2021 is the perfect time to pick up a PlayStation 5 discount. If you’re looking for the older generation PlayStation 4, you’ll also be able to get one of these cheap this Black Friday, either the regular PlayStation 4 or the advanced edition with higher max refresh rate.

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