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By admin, on August 2nd, 2021

We are getting a lot of buzzes around related to the rolling shutter issue of the newly announced Sony ZV10 camera. is that issue is really big,? do we have to give so much attention to the problem or this is just a fuss created by someone who likes to have all the bells and whistles in a super budget 4k vlogging camera? Let’s find out

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1. Why Sony ZV10 Camera has a Rolling shutter problem?

We all know for quality the Sony APS-C Mirrorless cameras and does oversample. During Oversampling process they read an enormous amount of 6k data and once the process is done users get their 4k high-quality file with sharpness, details, and less noise. But, here is the glitch, while processing so much amount of lag occurs resulting in a rolling shutter issue.

2. Less Rolling issues in Full HD Mode

Since the camera process 4times less data in Full HD video mode, the data processing done very quickly by the camera and you will notice very minimal rolling shutter effect while you are panning you camera. Its’ recommended to use Full HD video mode while moving fastly or panning with the camera.

3. How to fix Sony ZV10 Jello effect FIX

While walking and Running it’s recommend to use

  1. Full HD Video Mode (later on updacle to 4k if required / optional)
  2. Ultra wide lens with fast aperture (Sigma 16mm F1.4 ) and
  3. ND filter that slows shutter speed in day time while using lens at MAX aperture  and ads cinematic motion blur
  4. Use active steady mode stabilization (optional)

If you follow all the 4 steps. This will miminize Your jello effect, promise.

4. Verdict

Sony must have used an updates 24MP CMOS Sensor fpr the ZV-E10 camera. If they have done so, I never posted the article I am writing now. But, fact of the matter is they have to minimize the production cost as low as possible to make sure Sony Sony ZV-E10 camera shuild give tough competition to Canon Full HD and Fuji 4k Capable Vlogging camera.

History Reapts itself – A proof below


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