Splitgate Infection mode officially released

1047 Games has announced that Splitgate is getting Splitgate Season 0. The Splitgate Season 0 patch has dropped a new map and a Splitgate infection mode, again paying homage to the Halo franchise once again.

The new Splitgate infection mode plays exactly as you would imagine. One player starts as the infected with the aim of killing enemy players. Those who die to an infected player will then become an infected. The game ends when the time limit is over or every player on the living has been turned into an infected player.  The Splitgate Season 0 drops with a new map, likely designed to accommodate the new Splitgate infection mode.

Just before the Splitgate Gamescom show, the servers went offline for roughly 12 hours of maintenance. The server maintenance is rather unusual for Splitgate, considering it used to only go offline for server hiccups related to player demand. But, 1047 Games new content shows that the servers were offline for a huge Splitgate Season 0 update.

Splitgate’s Halo meets Portal shooter has taken the world by storm in recent months. With the new Splitgate Season 0 content, 1047 Games confirmed that Splitgate has over 10 million downloads and counting since it launched in beta

The game went from being an underground indie title at E3 to becoming one of the best shooters in 2021 out of nowhere. It is no surprise that it got featured in this year’s Opening Night Live of Gamecom 2021. The game is extremely popular, and more content coming to the free-to-play game will keep fans of the game they never knew they needed happy.

It is good we see new news on Splitgate as it is a sign the game is stable and ready to engage its new fanbase. The game recently picked up major traction, with many players completing the Splitgate beta battle pass, buying store skins, and generally enjoying the game. Not to mention the developers get to try new content while the game remains in its ‘indefinite beta’ testing period.

No doubt the Splitgate infection mode 1047 shown off at the Splitgate Gamescom segment is a positive sign the game is changing and evolving. Now that 1047 Games has resolved its early teething issues, they can release new content for thousands of players. The new Splitgate Infection mode is just the start of the new content coming to Splitgate.

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