Square Enix expect ‘high likelihood of congestion’ with Endwalker server queues at launch

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Final Fantasy 14’s next expansion is days away, with the launch of the FFXIV’s early access period almost here. On December 3, the FFXIV Early access period begins, which means servers will get updated with Update 6.0, bringing in the latest expansions. 

While there is certainly a big wave of excitement for the new expansion, there is a bit too much excitement. Square Enix has issued a statement saying Endwalker will be the biggest expansion launch, and that is not marketing bull**** either. The game has grown tremendously over the summer, and with the current semiconductor shortage, they have not managed to get new worlds. So batten down the hatches, as there will be Enwalker server queues when the game launches in early access and the full release.

Expect Endwalker server queues!

In the official statement from Square Enix, the developers stated there is a high likelihood of congestion when Endwalker’s early access and Endwalker’s official release arrives. Normally, MMO servers tend to fall apart as the weight of an entire player base logging in simultaneously to play the latest and greatest content the game has to offer fall upon them. FFXIV is no different. In fact, many of the older players still remember the Stormblood launch and the laggy duty entrances. 

Although, Shadowbringer’s launch wasn’t too bad, but, the game has only grown since its launch. The mass exodus of WoW players in the year of the MMO has made many new MMOs rise and fall. In that time, FFXIV has taken the crown due to its likeness to WoW and the great gameplay and systems. It means FFXIV lovers are coming back ready for Endwalker, and so are the new players that have joined over the summer of Eorzea.

We all should expect queues since the player base at the launch of Endwalker is likely going to break FFXIV records again. The server team at Square Enix has done the best they can to optimise servers for the expanding player base ahead of the new expansion launch. However, it probably won’t please everyone.

As it stands, there are a few methods you can use to make it easier to log in. In 5.57, the game got a new feature, allowing players to log into the server with less congestion using the visit another world system. You can move to a smaller realm when logging in to make it easier to bypass the server queues. Also, if you’re a free-to-play player, you’ll more than likely not be able to log into the servers. The game naturally prioritises paying subscribers and a queue lockout if it exceeds 400 players in the queue. Atleast that happened to me before I joined the game over the summer. You should probably get a sub if you want to play in December,

Only time will tell how the Endwalker server queues fair. Find out on December when the servers go live. If you’re interested, you can read more on the Square Enix announcement here.

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