Star Citizen goes free to play till December

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Could Imperium Games (CIG) has announced that Star Citizen is free to play through to December 1. The ambitious space game will open its intergalactic space gates to new players, who can try the game till the aforementioned date. 

Moreso, the new free to play window comes with a new content update that returning players can enjoy too. Spacefarers can experience this year’s Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE), featuring six new ships, such as the Aegis Redeemer, Ares Iron, Ares Inferno, and other content.

Star Citizen is free to play

For players who are looking to give Star Citizen, a playtest, you can expect to fly over120 ships all for free. Moreso, throughout the weeks ahead, the in-game industrial units responsible for the ship shave got more to come. Anvil has some new announcements to come on November 25, with a new addition to their Spartan line-up. It is but one example of what is to come with this season’s ship line-up. Chances are these new ships won’t be free to fly for new players, and will likely be some of the game’s premium ships that players can buy themselves.

While these new ship names mentioned so far are pretty base, they all do different things. For example, the Crusader Aers Star Figher has two variants, the Inferno and Ion. The Ion is armed with laser cannons and perform well at long ranges. If you like fighting and keep your distance, this might be a new vessel for you to try. On the other hand, the Inferno is all about firing gatling cannons and shredding targets in the mid-range

Meanwhile, you can expect the Aegis Redeemer to be the heavy armored juggernaut that heads straight into battle. The heavy armored ship can lead the charge, with its powerful gun decks and cannons capable of being an omnipotent threat in any galactic battle.

If this sounds of interest to you, you can preview the new IAE in the New Babbage system, more specifically visiting the Tobin Expo Center. Yes, new players, this event is a showroom type event. Think of it as the Top Gear but in space with really big guns instead.

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