Stardew Valley Coming To Xbox Game Pass This Fall

Farm folk, assemble – the hugely popular farm and life simulator Stardew Valley is coming to Xbox Games Pass this fall.

The announcement was unveiled during the recent [email protected] Livestream showcase on August 10th, with developer Eric Barone confirming a release without an official date. He added that the game will “probably arrive sometime in the fall”.

Stardew Valley Coming To Xbox Games Pass This Fall

The game was brought to life and launched in early 2016 on Steam, where it quickly rose to popularity in a surprising manner. It was the successor to the Harvest Moon series, offering up a lifelike farming sim that seemed to tick all the right boxes.

After selling over 10million copies of the game, Stardew Valley was ported to almost every platform – including PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, and even mobile.

Even with the huge amount of copies sold, the addition to the Xbox Games Pass library will likely open the farm sim up to an entirely new demographic – growing the game’s following exponentially. It wasn’t the only game to be added to Microsoft’s subscription service either. Evil Genius 2 will also be launching on the platform when it comes to consoles in Q4 2021.

Stardew Valley Becomes An Esport?

More recent news has surfaced regarding the esports potential of Stardew Valley – with a new tournament offering a prize pool of $40,000 to the victors. It will feature a bunch of Stardew Valley community features, including SharkyGames, Lilsimsie, Matthew McCleskey, and more.

If this doesn’t wet your metaphorical cabbage, I don’t know what will.

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