Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sora release date

The final DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the main character from Kingdom Hearts, Sora. Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s Sora release date has been announced, and he’ll be here in the middle of October. 

When is the Release Date for Sora in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s Sora release date is set for October 18, 2021. You can buy Fighters Pass 2 for $29.99, or purchase the individual characters for $5.99 each.

You can watch the announcement trailer for Sora in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the video below. 

Who is Sora in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

Sora is the main character of the Kingdom Hearts action RPG series developed by Square Enix. He’s a young boy that was living a peaceful life on an island alongside friends Riku and Kairi until it was attacked and they were separated. 

With his new friends Donald and Goofy, Sora goes on adventures across the many worlds of Disney and Final Fantasy and drives back the spread of darkness by the fiendish Heartless and their troublesome leader, Xehanort. Sora is owned by Disney, which made gamers wonder if the character was ever going to be able to join the Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighter character roster at all. 

In Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Sora is a light and floaty character that has a moveset mostly made up of heavy keyblade weapon attacks that are surprisingly slow. If you’d like to learn more about Sora’s moveset, there is a full character breakdown video below.

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