Supernova? No, it’s a vintage flashbulb bursting in 100,000fps slow-motion

Watching things in slow motion gives us a whole different perspective. All of a sudden, regular things that we took for granted become pure works of art. Ryan McIntyre of CineSpeed played with some vintage flashbulbs and a high-speed camera to create one such artwork. Shooting at 100,000fps, he made the bursting flashbulbs look otherworldly, almost like supernovas.

Ryan and his team use a Phantom TMX 7510 camera for filming all sorts of slow-motion videos. For this one, Ryan drove the idea from low-resolution footage of a light bulb bursting. He jotted the idea down, wanting to try it out with vintage flashbulbs. However, since those weren’t designed to blow up, his initial plan didn’t really work out.

But you know how best things often come by accident, or even as a result of a failure? Well, this happened with Ryan’s flashbulbs. They didn’t explode, but they turned out to look impressive nonetheless when Ryan slowed the footage down. He lit them with two Megaray MR2400 and paired his high-speed camera with the Venus Laowa 24mm 2x Macro Probe Lens.

The result – my first thought was mini supernovas. Other bursts remind me more of fireworks, and yet the others look like some weird alien eggs under a microscope (at least that’s what I imagined). But what they all have in common is that they look absolutely stunning!

I hope you’ll enjoy the video just as I did, and make sure to check out more of CineSpeed’s work on their website, Instagram, Facebook, and their YouTube channel.

[Creating Light | Vintage Flash Bulbs in Slow Motion (100,000fps) via PetaPixel]

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