Tado can now predict your heating bill

Smart home company Tado has announced a new feature that could eliminate surprise heating costs for good. 

Tado is launching a new cost visualisation tool in its app, designed to give users a real-time overview and control over their heating consumption.

The feature uses cost forecasting to compare your temperature and heating behaviour with the actual energy cost from an analog or smart meter. To put it simply, the app will now be able to tell you if you’re spending too much on your heating – before your annual bill arrives.

The app will also offer tips and advice to increase the efficiency of your home and to reduce your heating costs. 

“The price of gas and electricity has risen to its highest ever level across much of Europe and residents will feel the pinch this winter”, said co-founder and CPO Christian Deilmann. 

“Due to connectivity, cloud computing and data science it is now possible to really make conscious decisions about how much to spend on home comfort. Currently, people turn their heating up and down without knowing what it really means for their annual bill. With cost forecasting, guessing your energy bill is a thing of the past”. 

The feature is available with a Tado Auto-Assist subscription and the initial version will be rolling out to select users across Europe from September 2. Further releases are also set to arrive later this heating season. 

So, what about other smart home devices? Will Tado offer energy reports for more tech going forward, like your smart fridge or your new TV? 

For now, Tado is fully focussed on smart heating, AC and hot water. However, that isn’t to say it won’t expand in other directions in the future. 

“We have it in the back of our mind and on our road map”, revealed Deilmann at the Smart Home League press event earlier this week. “So, stay tuned”.

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