The best adventure games for Android and iOS

Tension, puzzles, and dexterity: Adventure fans don’t have to live without these when using an Android or iOS smartphone. In this article, we have listed down some recommendations of great adventure games that you can bring with you wherever you go. 

“Look out behind you! There is a three-headed monkey!”

Did that alert catch your attention? If so, you have most probably landed in the right article, have aged gracefully, or are a little bit of both. Today, we will take at adventure games, offering a list of what we think are the best titles available on the mobile platform for this popular game genre. As with all lists, it is a subjective matter, but we do hope to cater to the vast majority in an objective manner as far as it is humanly possible without leaving anyone out. 

NextPit’s gaming paradise

The boundaries of this genre tend to be rather blurry itself: there is the classic point-and-click adventure, not to mention puzzle-based adventures, or perhaps titles with RPG and strategic elements, or an interactive story that helps keep you riveted, chapter after chapter. In any case, we hope to cater to your curiosity if you are in the mood for adventure games. 

A note about this updated article: The post is already a few years old, which is why we had a good laugh after going through it because the list certainly did not age well, with a number of new adventure games that ought to earn a spot. The first six games in our list are new additions, but do take note that some of the titles on this list have been around for yonks so much so you can qualify them as ‘classics’.

Perhaps adventure games are like good wine that gets better over the years. It seems that way to me at least, that the old top titles in the genre still offer a great gaming experience in 2021. It doesn’t matter whether the user is an old man like me who constantly indulges myself in nostalgia, or someone who is significantly younger and has just discovered the adventure genre for himself. Either way, here are our recommendations, so go ahead and have fun with them!

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There is no Game: Wrong Dimension

It begins with a game that, according to its own description, is not a game at all. The title is an indication that you are dealing with a slightly different game here. The developers have labeled it as a “Point & Click comedy adventure” and that also sounds rather unique. Do you want to get a feel of what it is like? If so, take a look at the video below which may leave you as disturbed as I was when I first viewed it:

The graphics are also reminiscent of Machinarium, while the gameplay offers a rather original take: there is no dialogue, where you rely on just sounds and images in order to advance the plot and events.

Conspiracy theorists rejoice – Baphomets Fluch: Director’s Cut

One of the best adventure games from the 1990s should not be left out in the cold from the Android platform! Help George and Nico stop the mass murderer who is disguised as a clown. Baphomet’s curse takes place in Paris and does well by playing up the mysterious atmosphere surrounding the Knights Templar.

baphomets curse
Baphomets Fluch: Director’s Cut should keep conspiracy theorists happy / © Screenshot: NextPit

In contrast to the PC game, the Android version has additional scenes because it is the so-called Director’s Cut. The second part of the game series was also released as a remastered edition on Android. And if you are already hooked on the first two parts of the game series, you should try out Baphomet’s Curse 5, which is also available for iOS

Zelda-clone: Oceanhorn

Playing Oceanhorn would automatically make you feel as though you were indulging in a Zelda title. You control a young boy who, upon waking up, discovers that his father has disappeared. An old notebook and a mysterious necklace are the only clues left behind, where further investigation leads to more than meets the eye…

Surely you cannot help but think this is a budget Zelda game / © Screenshot NextPit

Oceanhorn also has a lot to offer in terms of audio, as two of the best video game composers – Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy) and Kenji Ito (Seiken Densetsu) are responsible for the soundtrack. You can play Oceanhorn for 40 minutes and then decide whether the $5.49 for the premium (full) version is worth the investment. While the brand new sequel is already available for iOS fans, those in the Android camp will have to wait for a little longer.

Adventure emulator for Android: ScummVM

ScummVM is not an adventure game on its own, but rather, it is an emulator. With ScummVM, you can play classics from LucasArts and Sierra, where the list of luminaries includes Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Leisure Suit Larry, Space Quest, and many other adventure titles that are compatible with ScummVM (click here for the full list ). Of course, you will need the original game data in the first place.

scummvm with some games
ScummVM / © Screenshot: NextPit

The ScummVM website has a number of free and legally downloadable games such as Beneath a Steel Sky, Dreamweb, and Flight of the Amazon Queen being the more popular ones (and all three are extremely worth your time). Some of the supported games that are available for purchase can be found on Fans of old adventure classics should check out ScummVM to relive the old memories.

As always, the same principle applies to this list of best adventure games as we all have very subjective taste in the matter.

Of course, we also look at what the stores have to offer, check out your recommendations and what other “Best Of” lists depict. So if you have any tips for adventure games that you think should have made the list here, share it with us in the comments!

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