The best Earbuds deals of Black Friday 2021

Are you looking for the best Earbuds deals this Black Friday? Well, look no further as we will have everything you will possibly need right here. The industry of True Wireless earbuds seemingly popped up from nowhere immediately after Apple announced their incredibly popular line of AirPods, meaning that a whole (incredibly lucrative) micro-industry has popped up around them. Almost every company is throwing their hat into the ring in order to create their own unique flavor of True Wireless Earbuds, so be sure to check out what you could save this Black Friday, as we expect this category to be one of the most competitive out there, meaning that you could potentially save an enormous amount of cash this holiday shopping season, but what are your options? 

The Best True Wireless Earbuds this Black Friday 2021

With the sheer amount of Earbuds that will be discounted on Black Friday, it can be difficult to keep on top of everything that’ll be getting heavy discounts, so we’ll be rounding up exactly what you should be looking for, and making sure that you’re not going to be getting burned by purchasing a poor product. Here are our recommendations for the best earbuds that you will be able to purchase this Black Friday 2021. 

Who will have the best Wireless Earbuds deal this Black Friday 2021? 

Taking place on November 26, you can expect to see most major retailers trying to get in on the action and compete in this incredibly lucrative category. It’s likely that we’ll be seeing some significant discounts as Wireless Earbuds are an item that is of a relatively low purchasing cost, this means that retailers stand to make a pretty hefty profit out of anything that they’re currently selling. However, the degree to which we’ll see discounts still remains up in the air. It totally depends upon the brands to set their lowest possible prices in order to drive the most amount of profit, and that’s why we expect to see some of the older models such as the Sony WF-1000XM3 on the list above on this page, they might be older and mostly outclassed by their successor, but since they’re still being sold at a relatively high price, that means that we will be seeing some significant discounts on the older, somewhat more premium models. 

How much will Wireless Earbuds be this Black Friday 2021?

For more premium offerings, we expect that you will see a maximum of around $100 off Wireless Earbuds this Black Friday, depending on their make, model, and original RRP. Predicting prices for Black Friday 2021 is a little bit of a magic trick, but one that we can easily reason and get you to understand. In essence, we look at the age of the product, how much they retail for, and how much they’ve already been discounted over the course of the year. From there we are able to make an informed judgment on whether or not we can expect them to go lower, which correlates with their RRP. It’s a fairly simple way to work out how much you could expect to be saving this Black Friday, but it mostly works and is a very good indication of what we could see if the retailers and brands work together to deliver the best prices. 

How much are Bose Earbuds on Black Friday 2021? 

We expect to see Bose’s range of Earbuds be discounted by at least $50 this Black Friday.  This is because Bose makes a variety of Wireless Earbuds, meaning that it can be difficult to ascertain whether or not they’ll come down in price significantly. The Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds we’d expect to come down in price to at least $249, and that’s fairly conservative, and we could potentially see them being discounted under this mark. Though if you’re after slightly lower-end earbuds, we could see the Bose Sport Earbuds being discounted all the way over to around the $100 mark if retailers are wanting to shift a good amount of stock in volume. Either way, Bose makes a huge amount of Earbuds at a range of prices, so you’ll find a pair that suits your budget this Black Friday. 

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