The best multiplayer games to play on the same device

Online multiplayer gaming on smartphones is fairly popular these days with gamers having a wide variety of titles and genres to choose from. We already have a comprehensive article on the best multiplayer games. This list, however, is a bit more different, specific. Listed below are some of the best two-player mobile games that can be played by two (or more people) on the same smartphone! We have included free and paid games available for both Android and iOS devices.

King of Opera

This fun party game has up to four players assume the role of egoistic opera singers who are trying to push their rivals off the stage. You’ve got to keep your tenor in the spotlight while using the power of your girth to knock the others away.

A simple button press is all you need. / © Tuokio

The controls are intuitive for most people to grasp quickly, and even your most touchscreen-averse friends and family members will quickly become fierce contenders. Each player has a button that sends their wobbly warbler to the center stage, and the game’s spinning physics takes care of the rest.

Download King of Opera from the Google Play Store

Download King of Opera  from the iOS App Store

Chain Reaction (Free)

Chain Reaction is a kind of strategy ‘board’ game for up to 8 players that share just one device. Players take it in turns to place colored orbs into cubes on a grid. Once a cube has reached critical mass the orbs explode into the surrounding cells adding an extra orb and claiming the cube for the player.

Up to 8 players can join in for maximum chaos. / © NextPit

The goal is to overwhelm your opponents’ orbs, taking over all the cubes on the board. Simple yet addictive, Chain Reaction is a great time killer for a large group of friends.

Download Chain Reaction from the Google Play Store

FruitNinja (Free)

Even the most casual of mobile gamers probably know about Fruit Ninja, one of the first mobile games to be successful around the world. What few people know is that it has a multiplayer mode that you can play on a single screen. So, along with your opponent, you can use a single smartphone to cut all that fruit.

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